has been known for its well-maintained Sedans

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Our customers always appreciate our input in our cars and this appreciation has been the drive for us to do even better.  To make our airport sedan service even better we introduced our new fleet of sedans: The luxurious Lincoln Mkz, The stylish BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the powerful, spacious Chrysler 300.

Lincoln Mkz has been known for its stylish exterior and luxurious interiors. This car is suitable for seating two to three people, and is the ultimate car to make an impression.  Whether you need to rent a limo for a party, or book our private car service for a special date, this car will guarantee you a memorable evening. Some of the unique Lincoln Mkz features include push button transmission, a roaring engine that takes the car from 0-60 in mere 6.3s and spacious interiors. According to the reviews Lincoln Mkz is much better at steering and stopping as compared to other cars in the Lincoln series.

Does BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo need any words to be described? It is based on 7 series Sedan with design modifications. BMW 5 Series is perfect for someone who needs to book our corporate limo service.  It is a large luxury sedan with five seats interior, an important feature to be noted for those who need our airport limousine service for international corporate groups. It has navigation, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, Web radio and social networking that allow seamless connectivity- a must feature to have for businessmen who can’t waste time on long airport to city trips. The front and rear seats seem to have limitless seat arrangement options with high quality comfort. Our BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is the car of choice if you want to cater to corporate groups.

Chrysler 300 defines a pure muscle car. It is classified as a large sedan with powerful engine, a strong American muscle car exterior, ample comfortable seating with amazing entertainment options for a long trip. Need a luxurious beginning to your boys-only road trip? This is the best car to start with then! Book our GTA limo service to discover amazing tourist spots and attractions in Great Toronto Area that other limousine car services fail to offer. Some of the classy features of this muscle car include Leather interior, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front and rear seats, 6 speaker powerful sound systems, IPod/ USB jack with a compact touch interface. Chrysler 300 goes from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds which is very good when it comes to large Sedans.  Chrysler 300 has amazing handling and a smooth ride filtering out unnecessary jerks on a potholed rough road.  It has a storage space of 16.3 cubic feet so one does not need to worry about inadequate luggage space with this car. makes sure that it leaves no stone unturned in providing the best cheap limo services in Toronto. So, call now and choose your ride from our wide new range of Sedans today!

For customers who require our limo transportation for long trips

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Gone are the days when travelers used to look out of their car windows to kill time so that their journey could pass by quicker. People used to read books, eat or simply sleep through the entire trip. Now a days travelers demand entertainment options, they demand in-car WiFi along with the luxury of limousines, people want the privacy of their entertainment and the choice to get on with their office work, projects, or home chores without wasting time. understands this need and has customized SUVs with unlimited entertainment options and on-board Wifi.

Most of our customized airport limousines are booked for long trips or for important business executives. The facility of in-car WiFi helps our important customers to check important emails, update information on a presentation, make important video calls, and attend to important business which could’ve been delayed without internet. Some business executives need a constant access to ever changing stock market news, and on board WiFi can help accessing that. On board WiFi is excellent for travelers who need to stay online for a job in different time zones.

For customers who require our limo transportation for long trips don’t have any trouble passing their time. With in-car WiFi they can access quick maps to their destinations, watch their favorite movies, get in touch with friends, make calls through calling apps and upload pictures on the spot, finish work to meet their deadlines or even go grocery shopping online! Don’t know how to entertain kids on a 4 hour drive? Get them to play 1000s of games on the internet, or stream online cartoons to keep them busy. Listen to your own choice of radio on the internet, sync your music with the car’s music system and make your trip good as much as you can. In-car WiFi gives you limitless options, provided your tablets and phones have enough battery to last through the trip. This facility also ensures your safety since this will enable the airport limousine to have better vehicle to vehicle communication.

Our Wifi service uses the latest technology that ensures that you stay connected with each minute of your lives. In-car Wifi is amazing for tourists who take our customized airport limo service to travel around the Great Toronto Area. The service will allow looking up for inexpensive accommodation, restaurants, city attractions, maps, shopping areas to make their time worthwhile. Why wait to get a contact number to get in touch with your family back home? Just get in touch with online video calls during your trip and forget the age-old hassle of staying in touch.

We always try to keep up with our customers’ demands and it was always felt that the customers feel disconnected with their lives when on a long car trip. With on-board Wifi in our airport and business limousines we can help our travelers bridge that gap and make their lives seamless and connected.

So book for its well-equipped, well- maintained classy airport limousines, and allow yourself to be blown away with our high speed Wifi and other entertainment options. At, you don’t get anything less than perfect

Things to look for when renting a limo

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Find a good limo service isn’t an easy task. New companies have been springing up all across Toronto, with each one offering a wide range of cars; how do you choose the right company then? While it may seem confusing at first, asking some basic questions can help you find the best company for your needs. In the paragraphs below, we have listed some important things you should know to help you make the right decision.

Details information about the limo

 So you’re going to rent a limo for that mad party you’re throwing or a business meeting – whatever the occasion, it is very important to know everything about the car you’re actually going to rent. After all, you don’t want any hiccups during the event. What is on paper may differ from reality. If possible, inspect the vehicle yourself, and make sure all the in-car amenities like bar, WiFi, TV, entertainment system, etc. are working fine. Limousines are essentially commercial vehicles and a lot of people go in and out of them every day. But since you’re paying for a premium service, make sure everything is in top-notch condition.

Ask others

Referrals are a great way to discover new limo rental companies. Ask a friend or business partner who has previously rented a limo. They are more likely to know which companies deliver on the promise and which companies don’t. Take their advice and stick with it.

Driver’s Compensation

Reputable limousine companies tend to charge between 15 and 20 percent driver gratuity. If driver’s gratuity isn’t already included in the bill or listed as one of the ‘service charges’, chances are that you’re dealing with a company who does not respect their employees. Now you don’t want to give business to such a company, do you? Ask the limo rental company about driver’s compensation if this is something you want to concern yourself with.

Working Hours

9 to 5 customer support is good; but you know what’s better? 24/7 customer support. Look for companies that offer round the clock support services so that you don’t find yourself unable to reach the limo company in times of need.

Fleet Size

Size matters, but not always! Limo rental companies with smaller fleets tend to be more efficient, conscious of their customers’ needs and offer a more personalized service. On the other hand, larger companies with huge fleets tend to have a ‘bureaucratic attitude’. Many of them consider themselves to be too big to fail, which only makes them more likely to fail their customers.

Payment Options

Many people tend to overlook this fine detail, but lack of convenient payment options can be a deal-breaker. It is ideal if your company of choice offers a mobile payment solution, which allows them to accept credit card payments on smartphones and tablets on the go. That makes life easier for you and helps you process everything quickly.

In the end, it is all about customer experience. Read reviews, ask around and make sure the company you have selected has a reputation of delivering outstanding service.


How to find the best limo service at Toronto airport

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As the provincial capital of Ontario, Toronto is one of the most crowded cities in Canada. A global city and a very important financial center of the world, Toronto sees a massive influx of business travelers.

This rapid emergence of Toronto as a premier business destination has spurred the growth of limo rental services, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area. Business travelers frequently rent limousines, SUVs or luxury sedans to reach their destinations after a long flight or a busy day.

However, not all limo rental services are equal. Finding out which limousine company is the best can be a daunting task. With so many companies competing against each other to present themselves as the best, a business traveler is faced with confusingly high number of choices.

Toronto airport is no different in this regard. For the reasons stated above, Toronto airport offers a plethora of choices, but you must consider a couple of things before you decide to rent a limo or luxury sedan.


What kind of fleet do they have?

The rising number of business travelers has spawned many small to medium-sized airport limo services, and this is great news for discerning travelers. Newer companies tend to have newer fleets – the available cars will most probably be of latest models – and they tend to offer much more when it comes to in-car entertainment and auxiliary amenities to attract frequent travelers.

Bigger companies tend to be a bit uppity as they already have a lot of business. Newer companies care more about their customers and are more likely to go the proverbial extra mile to accommodate you.

How good is their online reservation system?

The whole process, from limo selection to checkout, should be as streamlined as possible. As a business traveler, you’re always pressed for time, and if you have to deliberately look for something, you’ll probably have to do that again at some point. Make sure the business limo service understands your needs and have systems in place to reduce queue time for their customers.

How good are support and services?

When you rent a chauffeured (or un-chauffeured) limo, you expect the best service from the limo rental company. It is therefore very important to read reviews of different companies before finally deciding on one. Take some time to read good, as well as bad reviews, and decide for yourself.

Convenient pick-up and drop-off points

As a business traveler, the most valuable thing you have is time. If you are renting an un-chauffeured limo or luxury sedan, you probably can’t afford to pick it up from a far off location and then drop it at the same point. This exercise would defeat the whole purpose of renting a limo. Make sure that the limo rental company of your choice offers convenient pick-up and drop-off locations so that you can gain time as your travel towards your next business destination.

Toronto Pearson International Airport: Laying Over Here?

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Flying in through the Toronto Pearson International Airport? While the name suggests Toronto, the area is heavily residential with some light industrial and commercial pockets throughout. If you’re laying over or at the airport for a quick overnight, stay local:

The International Center:

This large-scale events venue has dozens of happenings throughout the year, from art shows to sample sales to family-friendly programming. Check out the event calendar here and see if there’s something fun while you’re laying over!

Square One:

Shopping, dining, spa services…you’ll find it all at this premier mall and entertainment destination:


Love the races? Slots more your game? Just want to cheer on the horses—and maybe snag a drink or bite? Woodbine is one of the largest race tracks in North America, and is just minutes from the airport. Enjoy horse races, slot machines and great dining from world-renowned chefs.

Heading into downtown Toronto? You’re just 30 minutes away—and can get you there safely, comfortably and in style. With rates starting from just $35, there’s no reason to stay in Mississauga at the airport. Snag a car or limo and hit the city—you’ll be glad you did! 

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