How to find the best limo service at Toronto airport

As the provincial capital of Ontario, Toronto is one of the most crowded cities in Canada. A global city and a very important financial center of the world, Toronto sees a massive influx of business travelers.

This rapid emergence of Toronto as a premier business destination has spurred the growth of limo rental services, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area. Business travelers frequently rent limousines, SUVs or luxury sedans to reach their destinations after a long flight or a busy day.

However, not all limo rental services are equal. Finding out which limousine company is the best can be a daunting task. With so many companies competing against each other to present themselves as the best, a business traveler is faced with confusingly high number of choices.

Toronto airport is no different in this regard. For the reasons stated above, Toronto airport offers a plethora of choices, but you must consider a couple of things before you decide to rent a limo or luxury sedan.


What kind of fleet do they have?

The rising number of business travelers has spawned many small to medium-sized airport limo services, and this is great news for discerning travelers. Newer companies tend to have newer fleets – the available cars will most probably be of latest models – and they tend to offer much more when it comes to in-car entertainment and auxiliary amenities to attract frequent travelers.

Bigger companies tend to be a bit uppity as they already have a lot of business. Newer companies care more about their customers and are more likely to go the proverbial extra mile to accommodate you.

How good is their online reservation system?

The whole process, from limo selection to checkout, should be as streamlined as possible. As a business traveler, you’re always pressed for time, and if you have to deliberately look for something, you’ll probably have to do that again at some point. Make sure the business limo service understands your needs and have systems in place to reduce queue time for their customers.

How good are support and services?

When you rent a chauffeured (or un-chauffeured) limo, you expect the best service from the limo rental company. It is therefore very important to read reviews of different companies before finally deciding on one. Take some time to read good, as well as bad reviews, and decide for yourself.

Convenient pick-up and drop-off points

As a business traveler, the most valuable thing you have is time. If you are renting an un-chauffeured limo or luxury sedan, you probably can’t afford to pick it up from a far off location and then drop it at the same point. This exercise would defeat the whole purpose of renting a limo. Make sure that the limo rental company of your choice offers convenient pick-up and drop-off locations so that you can gain time as your travel towards your next business destination.

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